Why Safe To Join

Safe To Join is an impartial review site bringing you reviews from several trusted Review Sites all in one location while only listing adult sites that have already passed a rigorous inspection by

You may notice that uses 'clean links' with no 'link codes' of any kind. Safe To Join does not collect any direct payment from the sites that it reviews. This is a free service for adult entertainment fans who are looking to find the best porn videos, erotic stories, centerfold pictures and adult websites with the peace of mind that can only come from knowing each one is truly Safe To Join.

Website Secure independent inspections include test joins and cancels, full terms of service audits, join page interrogation and continuous monitoring of each listed porn site to be sure that they are operating in an ethical manner without any hidden fees, false charges or unethical business tactics. You can visit the website to find out more information about the important consumer protection services that they provide. You will notice on each Safe To Join Review, the official certificate is displayed, showing specific information about the reviewed website and links to the full free report which also shows billing information, support links and other data useful for verifying the ethical standing of each merchant. Certification Seals (displayed on the join page of each inspected adult website) have a unique certification number printed under them. That number can be authenticated on the website by entering it in the validation box at any time. Unique numbers prevent scammers from copy/pasting seals onto websites fraudulently which allows you to always be sure that the seal you see belongs to an actively inspected website merchant.

Along with the inspection certificates, Safe To Join also relies on the most trusted and recognizable adult review sites including:,,,,,, and to provide you with expert analysis of the videos, pictures and other content offered by each porn site.

A Safe To Join review includes previews from each trusted review site and direct links to the full review if you would like more information about any from a particular reviewer prior to signing up. Safe To Join does not provide 'scores' or reviews of our own because we believe the expert review sites already do an excellent job of identifying which sites are the most entertaining in each niche. We do provide an 'Overall Score' calculated by combining the scores from each review site and dividing the total by the number of sites that have posted an active review for the site you are interested in joining.

Our goal is simple. We want to make sure that honest adult site owners and porn fans can find each other easily, without getting scammed or having their content stolen. Safe To Join is a unique adult entertainment auditing site and it is our pleasure to provide you with all of the information that you need to make the best decisions when choosing where to get the most bang for your porn buck. If you have any questions or we can be of additional service to you, please contact for assistance.

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